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hillbilly witchcraft

Ahoy, I'm Kaylee. Docked in NYC.

I like to make things, draw ladies with body armor and crazy hair, and to put sparkly things on my face.
Emilie Autumn, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Hannibal, GoT, coffee, socks. I love books and caffeine and period costume and history and theatre and fanfiction. This blog contains a mishmash of fandoms and pretty things and attractive persons of all flavors. Thank you very much for coming, enjoy your stay.

kaylee makes things  Come to me Ratties   Ask me anything   Submit

PROM makeup/hair (a bit smeared from the night). I wore this with my foxy red dress. Pictures of the full rig later.

(I can put up a tutorial post for doing this hair/makeup if anybody’s interested?)


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